School should be a time in life when you enjoy and experience as much as possible and at ESS we ensure that this extends beyond teaching in the classroom. We encourage our girls and boys to get fully involved in all aspects of school life and firmly believe in the maxim that the more you put into life; the more you get out of it.

One of the reasons many parents choose to send their children to ESF is the sheer breadth of opportunities available to our students and the community atmosphere that pervades everything we do.

Our students have different opportunities to enjoy a wide range of activities to support their learning in the classroom. The school runs school trips and excursions throughout the year. There are also activities much closer to home. Our annual Summer Fair, enjoyed by the whole school and where each class creates a stall, our annual Winter Concert for the families and friends which traditionally takes place at the Diplomatic Corps Centre in Moscow, Harvest Festival and other fun events, such as Pyjama party or Beach Party. Musical recitals and class assemblies are also held each term and parents are invited in to watch their children performing.


After School Clubs
ESS believes that after school activities complement the curriculum and contribute to the ethos of the school. We encourage the students to take an active role in the wide range of activities on offer. Students can realize their potential in a less formal environment and develop an interest in a particular sport, hobby or pastime they might not ordinarily be exposed to during the school day.

The Benefits of Enrichment Activities

Physical Development
Exercise is good for the physical and mental well-being of the student. It encourages discipline, routine and a healthy lifestyle. Many top British athletes can claim to have been inspired by extra-curricular activity.

Self Confidence and Social Skills.
When a student is exposed to a new discipline they often acquire new skills such as cooperation and negotiation. They learn to resolve conflict and realize leadership potential. More importantly they learn life skills which will serve them well in the future.

Some of our activities lend themselves to rest and relaxation. Indoor or outdoor pursuits, which offer opportunities to chat informally whist enjoying a woodland ramble or playing a board game can be a very relaxing and rewarding experience. Communication skills can be practised in a less formal environment.

The potential for creative activity at ESS has no boundaries. We believe in freedom of expression whether through visual or performing arts, sport or technology and our students are encouraged to explore new possibilities.

House Competitions and Charity Work
There is a friendly rivalry within the school in our inter-house competitions, including the House Music Festival, Sports Day, Football competitions and Winter Decoration Day to name but a few.
Students are also made aware of others less fortunate than themselves and help organise events for charity such as cake sales and raffles. They also take part in Angel’s Tree Christmas activities providing gifts for disadvantaged children and food for people in need.