English nursery at the international English School of Sciences, Le Fort, is a well-established English immersion nursery and kindergarten with high-caliber teaching staff, a rich curriculum and a high academic reputation. The nursery has grown from the “Children of the World” international pre-school which was founded more than 15 years ago and originally was located in the West of Moscow.


Regular pre-school hours are 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. We offer late care service till 7 p.m. every day.

For places availability, please, contact Mrs.Victoria Prozeraì,

School Manager: +7(985) 776-8688 or E-mail info@english-school.org.uk

Address: Ukhtomskaja Str., 12, Campus Le Fort

About the Nursery

Dear Parents,

At our Early Childhood department (Nursery school and Child care centre), we are committed to promoting healthy emotional, social, intellectual and physical development in young children through a sound Early Childhood Education programme in English. To that end we follow the English National Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS).

Young children’s brains are equipped to absorb language and learn to speak without the necessity of formal language lessons; they learn by hearing the language spoken around them and adapting what they hear to form their own responses. We provide a total English immersion learning environment where children gain an understanding of the English language simply by going about the daily classroom routine. Native English speaking teachers encourage the children to repeat new words and to communicate and express themselves using their newly acquired vocabulary through a variety of creative and fun activities.

The academic programme at the nursery school introduces children to the basics of reading, writing, mathematics and science through a multi-disciplinary approach. The children learn quantitative concepts and the letters-phonics of the English alphabet, and then they continue to enhance reading, writing and mathematical skills. During their time at the school, the children are encouraged to become more independent in all areas of their academic, personal and social development. Our skillful educators teach them to use English in their everyday communication and establish a firm grounding for their future successful education in English in a big school.

We value the individuality of each child and are proud to offer a flexible approach to learning so that children are able to progress at their own rate and achieve their full potential.

ESS, Le Fort, looks forward to educating your children!

About the Curriculum

Our Nursery isn’t simply a happy safe environment, where children learn through play; they are allowed to develop at their own pace and are made to feel confident and able to achieve. Our highly professional teachers gently and carefully bring to life subjects such as literacy, numeracy, knowledge and understanding of the world (KUW), music, art, dance, drama and physical development (PE).

A rich tradition of oral language and classic stories provides the backdrop for children’s first exploration into the world of literacy. Each day students are immersed in a language-rich environment as they listen to stories, recite poetry, and learn new songs. Familiarity with individual letters is achieved through activities that engage the student artistically, physically, and musically. Emphasis is placed on integrating the sounds and shapes of each letter in preparation for reading.

The activities are always age-appropriate, challenging and fun:

Language Play — Everyday
Books and Songs — All Day Long

In Math, students are gently introduced to the world of numbers through play-based activities, crafts, and storytelling. Math skills are fostered through working with patterns, grouping and sorting, and learning to draw geometric shapes.

Science, Arts & Crafts, Music & Movement, and Health round out the Kindergarten experience. Each week students participate in nature walks, watercolor painting, puppetry, storytelling, circle songs and games, cooking, gardening, movement activities, and imitative games.

Class projects, plays, nature walks, educational visits and workshops are used to enrich the learning process. We also begin each child’s discovery into the world of science, arts, crafts, music and play. There is also the opportunity to join after-school clubs in Music, Art Therapy, and Drama.

A healthy, nurturing rhythm of learning is established that will serve you and your child for years to come.

About Pastoral Care and Good Manners

Carefully planned ‘Personal, Social and Health Education’ (PSHE) lessons are an important part of helping children grow up to become responsible, respectful and morally-aware young adults. We strictly introduce good manners at the school and treat little children as young ladies and young gentlemen.

About extra-curriculum clubs

Our aim at the nursery is to discover and develop each and every child’s natural talents and, at the same time, ensure that all the children are achieving their full potential. With this in mind our flexible teaching programme, both in content and style of teaching, is enriched by a variety of after-class activities and clubs.

Our clubs include:

  • Dance class
  • Chess Club
  • Saturday English Club (tbc)
  • Aikido / Karate
  • Art Therapy Club (arts and crafts)
  • Music Chamber & Choir
  • Russian School Preparatory Programme
  • Fairytales & Drama Club


About Admissions

Admission to our nursery school is based on the enrolment system. Families may enrol children at any time. Acceptance is based on the space availability. A registration fee is required to guarantee the placement at the school.

All necessary forms for each student’s file to be completed prior to the first day of a child attends school. Children must have a pediatrician’s certificate by the time of enrolment.

Required documents:

  • A completed Registration Form and a signed Contract with the Preschool 
  • A signed Policy form (Parents’ Handbook)
  • Medical form
  • Registration and tuition fees