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School News

How to apply to ESS


Applications to the international English School of Science and Technology in Lefortovo are accepted all year round and students often start during the course of the school year. There is no deadline for applications.

Academic Scholarships for our Students


*The English School of Science and Technology, Lefortovo,* is dedicated to supporting profoundly gifted children and with this aim the school provides financial aid to its students.

All-School Assemblies led by the students


As part of our project education and public speaking practice our Students researched on a particular problem that affects our planet and then presented their findings at the all-school Friday morning assemblies. The students focused on the problem of Deforestation, which they also studied in their Geography course and they chose different formats to reveal the theme.

For Gifted and Talented


The international English School of Science and Technology is the school for gifted and talented children. Our programme of studies is accelerated and expectations are high. That is why during the admission taster we often ask a child to try some fun brain games to see his or her thinking skills.

Primary Sports Day


At ESS Lefortovo we love sports and games; and our annual Sports Day at the end of the school year is a must.

Open House Music Lesson


We at ESS love to celebrate our students’ success and we do this in many ways. We often invite our dear parents to the Open House Days when they can attend classes and watch their children during a lesson. The most spectacular and fun lessons to observe are definitely, Performance Arts lessons: Music, Drama and Dance.

Book Week and William Shakespeare’s birthday


To celebrate Book Week and William Shakespeare’s birthday (23rd April, 1564), Years 7 and 8 commemorated these two events with an excellent assembly on the life and work of the great playwright.