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Admissions at ESS FAQ


Please find answers to some of the Admissions Frequently Asked Questions:

The Old English Court Museum.


As part of the Great London Fire topic, our Primary children visited the Old English Court Museum in Moscow. It is one of the oldest buildings in Moscow built as a private home for a wealthy merchant in the Zaryadie region (famous as the centre of trade in medieval Moscow) and later became home of the first foreign representation in the Russian capital.

GCSE Mock Exams in Y10


Our Year 10 students sat their Mock Examinations in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Humanities, English and modern languages in January 2018. At a strong school like ours where the class sizes are small and the teachers are experienced and dedicated, our students are academically at least half a year ahead of their age-group, that is why our Y10 students will sit 3 out of 8 (I)GCSE tests a year earlier.

Decoration Day at ESS Pre-School Department


Last year our Christmas Activities were open by the traditional Decoration Day. This is a popular event amongst our pupils when they start a variety of interesting and exciting activities with a “Christmas feel”.

Hosting a Commercial


The International School of Science and Technology has played host to several motion pictures, documentaries, and commercials throughout its history. With its unique traditional English school design, large classrooms, picturesque surroundings and knowledgeable staff, the ESS is a popular location for filming and expert interviews.

What is STEM in modern Anglo-American Schools?


The educational process consists of lots of factors that directly affect the students. These factors witnessed great change in the 21st Century and thus what was considered a good education 50 years ago is not sufficient for success in an economy driven by innovation and knowledge.