Prior to an application, parents are welcome to visit ESS and discuss their child's schooling needs. This can be done by telephoning or e-mailing the Admissions Office to arrange a convenient date and time. Most students join the school in September, but we are happy to admit students throughout the year provided that we have places available.

The admission process at ESS is designed to be as efficient and positive as possible for all applying students. All applicants who are admitted to ESS are expected to achieve within the regular classroom. ESS will only admit those students whose needs can be met by the educational and pastoral services the school provides. The Admissions Office may send a confidential Student Evaluation form requesting additional information to the student's current or previous school.

Before submitting an application to ESS you are advised to read the Admission’s Booklet as it contains all the necessary practical information as well as the terms and conditions of admissions at the English School of Science and IT. Students will be placed in their age appropriate year group. For Nursery and Reception Groups we will have in mind their command of the English language.

Admission’s Booklet

Practical Information for Parents

Knowing whether the logistics of a school will work for your family often involves trawling through an entire website for the relevant information. Ever mindful of the complex lives of busy families, this section of the website is designed to provide all the practical information about the school in one place so that you can quickly see whether what we offer will fit your family’s needs.

  • School Hours
    1. Nursery, Reception, age 3-4 and 4-5: 

      8.30am – 5.00pm, classes start at 9.00am
      Late pick-up service: 5.15pm – 7.00pm
      Extra-curricular clubs: 4.00pm-5.00pm

    2. School
      Year 1 (age 5) – Year 13 (age 18): 8.30am – 3.30pm (Teaching time)
      After-School Clubs: 3.30pm – 6.00pm; 
      Late pick-up service: 3.45pm – 7.00pm 

  • School Fees

  • School Calendar

  • Snack Breaks

    Breakfast: 9.40 – 10.10 am
    Lunch: 12.50 – 13.50 pm

    Afternoon snack for after-school clubs participants and late pick-up service: 4:00 pm

  • Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities

  • Lunch Menu
    English School of Science and IT serves delicious home-cooked hot lunches every day, with a vegetarian option. All students eat together with their teachers in our dining hall.
    Daily fruit breakfasts and lunches are compulsory and included in our school fees. We serve hot afternoon snacks for the students staying for after-school clubs and late-pick-up service.
    Typical lunches include dishes such as soup and garlic bread, vegetables (carrot sticks, cucumbers, cherry-tomatoes) or salads and a main course that includes chicken/ beef/ fish or a vegetarian dish and a hot drink (fruit tea or hot chocolate).
    Students enjoy a selection of fresh fruit and low fat yoghurts every day for breakfast.
    Afternoon snacks include hot pancakes with berries, a piece of cheese-cake with sour cream, apple strudel, cottage cheese pancakes (syrniki) and a hot drink.
    We are very experienced with dealing with students’ individual dietary needs and are happy to devise specific menu options to meet particular requirements.

  • Pastoral Care
    We strive, through our pastoral systems, to nurture each child’s spiritual, physical and emotional development as well as building confidence, conscientiousness, a strong moral framework and a sense of responsibility.
    As you might expect in a school of our size, pastoral care is very strong indeed. Small classes, year groups and houses ensure that your child will be known and that a member of staff will quickly pick up on anything amiss.
    In turn, students know that they are valued and can readily find support from a team committed to ensuring their
    welfare. Whether they choose to turn to a member of the teaching staff, the school psychologist or other student with an official ‘listening’ role, the support network is highly effective and supportive.

  • Medical Help at School
    We have a medical nurse on site who is happy to provide advice and help on any health related matter to students and parents.
    If your child is ill while at school, they will be sent to the sick bay and our medical nurse on duty will decide on the best necessary treatment and will contact you immediately. They will be aware of your child’s medical history as we ask you to complete a medical form for each student on joining the school. These forms are confidential and held by the medical office. It is important that you notify the medical staff and school administration of any changes to your child’s medical history and your own contact details so that we can contact you in an emergency or if your child is unwell.
    The Medical policy booklet can be obtained from the School Administration.

  • Letters from School
    We send home a great deal of information to parents throughout the year regarding school trips, activities and sporting events, so please check your e-mail and child’s bag every day.  You can also find the relevant information in our school newsletters, which are issued at the end of each month.
    You can also get copies of letters at the reception.

  • School Transport
    We know how precious time is for busy families, especially when the logistics of work and school mean that every family member needs to head off in a different direction each morning. As such, we offer a minibus service to enable your daughter or son to commute to school daily.
    Details of the timetable and fees can be obtained from the school administration but please note that times and routes can be changed as journeys are subject to our families ‘requests. Our drivers are CRB checked and minibuses are fitted with safety belts.

  • Parking
    We are fortunate that both “Children of the World” nursery and English School of Science enjoy easy parking opportunities nearby the school grounds.
    If you are visiting “Children of the World” nursery for the first time, you will need to order a car pass to enter the premises. The car pass can be arranged via our nursery Administrator.

  • Directions and Map