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Year 3: How to be an Archeologist?

янв 2020

All the Topic themes in our Primary Years are always fully age appropriate for young children. This is a short video of Miss Hanneke, Year 3 classroom teacher, delivering an exciting and mysterious theme of Ancient Egypt history. This Topic is mainly history-based, and Miss Hanneke added some introduction to the ancient science, religious, culture, art and geography of Ancient Egypt.

ESS “Le Fort” : Angel’s Tree project in the Charity Club

дек 2019

The after-school Charity Club at ESS is designed to teach inclusiveness, compassion and empathy in children. We teach our students through local community charity activities and at the sessions we always discuss how we can help. At each meeting we decide what we can do to support a local charity.

Primary Dance Class

ноя 2019

Our Primary programme includes Dance lessons two hours a week. For young students, an opportunity to move—especially with music—offers considerable stress relief and an immediate boost to their sense of optimism and self-esteem.


ноя 2019

Have a look how our Pre-Schoolers, aged 3 and 4 years, live the mission

Biology Practicals

ноя 2019

Senior and middle school students had a number of exciting practicals. By this time all of them are able to fulfil the tasks with confidence, they are familiar with the use of school laboratory equipment, experiment protocols and safety rules.

Anglo-Saxons in Year 7

ноя 2019

In October our Year 7 students studied Anglo-Saxon Britain and made a project focused on the everyday life at that period. As part of the theme, the students created an Anglo-Saxon settlement, wrote their names in runes, created dolls and performed a small play.

English Literature: Medieval English sounds so very different!

ноя 2019

Last month our year 10 students studied The Canterbury Tales by G. Chaucer. They got to know why Geoffrey Chaucer's contribution to English literature is so extremely important.  At the lessons they spoke about the differences in medieval and modern English and the way the language develops. As part of cross-curriculum studies, the students discussed the social life and classes in Medieval England and learned a part of General Prologue in the original medieval English. Listen [https://cloud.mail.ru/stock/hi6prh3YJBkcZ9mADaeHrLzF]how differently it sounded!