The after-school Charity Club at ESS is designed to teach inclusiveness, compassion and empathy in children. We teach our students through local community charity activities and at the sessions we always discuss how we can help. At each meeting we decide what we can do to support a local charity.

Miss Hanneke, is the Leader of this extra-curriculum club and you can see her on the posted video. Thanks to Hanneke, Charity Club is very popular among the students and there are not only permanent members there, but many young helpers and their parents join for the projects and offer extra-support.

Mark, Year 5 student, was quick to point out why he stays for the Charity Club at the end of a long school day instead of going home: "We (he and about 8 others) come here because we want to help. We do things, we help to collect the staff and presents for other children, who don’t have them. And we learn about people in need and how we can help them. It's all about helping the people who don't have things and can’t afford good things for their children, or their children are sick."

This is what our parents say about the club:

Our family is so fortunate. I wanted my kids to have a place where they could learn to be kind and supportive, be inspired and learn about those in need who are right here living next to us, and how we can show that we care. We are so lucky, that this place is our school”, - Adjara, mom of Abigale, Year 3 student.

We are posting a short video of one of the Charity Club sessions devoted to the Christmas Angel’s Tree project for children in need. Please, enjoy!