As part of our project education and public speaking practice, the Students researched on a particular problem that affects our planet and then presented their findings at the all-school Friday morning assemblies. The students focused on the problem of Deforestation, which they also studied in their Geography course and they chose different formats to reveal the theme.

Year 9 students were developing their performance to camera skills as they were producing a piece of filmed theater. Script writing and editing played a key role in enabling our students to be successful in their project. This dramatic performance was very emotional and interesting to watch.

Year 6 students decided to educate students about the destruction caused by the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest.

The assembly explored the important role the Amazon plays in protecting the planet. Year Six were able to explain how the Amazon acts like the ‘earths lungs’ by breathing in carbon dioxide and producing the oxygen necessary to support all life. They examined the impact that deforestation is causing to a variety of different animal species and plants.

The pupils presented different strategies to try and tackle the destruction of the rainforest and encouraged students at ESS to reflect on how they could help to ensure the survival of the Amazon rainforest.

We published some short highlights of the presentations and you can watch them following the link below or on our separate video news page.