All the pupils and staff put in a huge effort to prepare for the Autumn Festival on the last Friday of October, and their efforts resulted in a wonderful day with many-many good memories.

Some lessons were taken by preparation and rehearsals, but these lessons although not timetabled were an invaluable part in our children’s education. Holistic Education is not just cramming in knowledge and passing exams, but all the other skills needed to be a good person and a rounded member of society. Some older students asked why the lessons were changed and were answered with sometimes everyone needs to work together to achieve success for the school and this is likely to happen many times in their lives where they must not just think of themselves but see the bigger picture.

The costume parade, show and games were only a part of the preparations, many lessons focussed on Harvest Festivals and Halloween traditions by including the theme within the normal lessons. All the decorations and displays were of high quality and were all produced by our students with help and support from our staff.

Please, have a look at some of the photos of this wonderful event.