The first day of school is equally important as the graduation day. Here, at “Le Fort”, every year, the first day of a new school yearis a celebration. Whether it's your child's very first day of preschool, or our pupils are returning for another year, the beginning is always the most exciting. So naturally, it should be recognized.

This year it was very successful: all our students were really excited to see their old friends, make new friends and being back at somewhere familiar!

We traditionally arrange something special to celebrate this day. This September we arranged a sports day with games and friendly competitions between the Houses.

Teamwork was everywhere. The teachers, administration and other staff could not stay aside and joined the teams. “Part of the experience is having fun and celebrating teamwork; in this case the participation was more important than a victory,” the school’s Vice-principal Mrs. Tatiana said.

The students had so much fun and developed their skills: with a combination of different activities working as Houses, they worked together as a team to get the most points possible. “It’s valuing each other, which then translates into valuing our school and studies—that’s the purpose of getting everybody together.” Our students said.

By working together to celebrate the beginning of school, the importance of education is clearly understood by all. Enjoy our video!