Our Year 10 students sat their Mock Examinations in Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Humanities, English and modern languages in January 2018. At a strong school like ours where the class sizes are small and the teachers are experienced and dedicated, our students are academically at least half a year ahead of their age-group, that is why our Y10 students will sit 3 out of 8 (I)GCSE tests a year earlier.

The International School of Science and Technology offers the International  General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).   This two-year course is offered in Year 10 and Y11 classes. The IGCSE is predominantly exam-based with exams that test knowledge in individual subjects.

The Mock Examinations session is designed to prepare our students for sitting the real examinations in summer term, allowing them to familiarise themselves with examination regulations and practice examination papers, whilst the staff are on hand to answer any question they can have. 

An exam situation for some is associated with pressure leading to nerves and sometimes sloppy mistakes whereas for others they may rise to the occasion of exams. The results of the Mock Examinations are very encouraging andall our students have done very well. It has been equally impressive to see how our oldest students have taken complete ownership of their learning as they approach their own very important exams in a very serious and mature fashion.

This is what our students say about the Mock Examinations they sat last month: ”The mock exams were incredibly useful and we now know which areas to concentrate on over the next 4 months. This has also helped us to know which subjects to aim for already this summer."