The International School of Science and Technology has played host to several motion pictures, documentaries, and commercials throughout its history. With its unique traditional English school design, large classrooms, picturesque surroundings and knowledgeable staff, the ESS is a popular location for filming and expert interviews.

December last year, one more commercial was shot at the school, using some of the hallways, classrooms, the auditorium, and the gym. A film crew descends upon the campus as early as 5 a.m. with a large cast of characters performing as middle school children for the commercial. There were several principal actors, about 30 extras, and a crew of more than 60 people.

Seeing a film crew, 4 large trucks, police blocking traffic, and a jib arm holding a camera, passersby asked what all the hoopla was about. Our students were curious to watch how the real filming was made, how many people worked to create a short episode and what a peculiar equipment was used. Young actors, camera men, make-up artists, illuminators, the film-director, and numerous workers worked very hard.

Have a look at some of the highlights: