Hello, hello, hello! Welcome back to everyone returning and a big warm welcome to all our new students! September for the Nursery is a time of getting to know each other and getting used to the school and its routines. For some of us it’s our first time at school so along with our exciting new school, we’ve also met new friends! At first some of us were shy seeing all of these new things, but after while we got used to it and started enjoying ourselves!

In our first term, we’ll be going through, colours, basic shapes and numbers to 20. Our focus is on fine motor skills (cutting, tracing, drawing, etc) counting objects, general English, independence, and socialising. Our goal is to prepare the kids for moving on to Reception and then to Year 1.

At 9.00 we start our circle time! It’s the most important part of the day. Firstly, we start with morning warm ups. We dance to shake-shake, heads shoulders knees and toes, and many more! Then we sit down together and start our circle time. We find our name, sing it out, say good morning, sing some songs, practise colours and shapes, count on the calendar, see what day it is and discuss the weather changes. It gets us in the mood for our day!

In science this month we went outside and collected lots of different materials, leaves, stones, soil, sand and sticks.