Dear Parents and Friends,

We are writing to let you know about the latest changes in the School’s management team.

  1. Mr. Samuel Finlayson, who occupied the position of Headmaster from Sept. 01, 2017 through Nov. 07, 2017, was dismissed as he didn’t fully prove his capabilities in this high and responsible post. Mr. Finlayson was appointed to the post of primary teacher and Y4 Form Tutor that better suits his qualification and talents.
    We sadly inform you Mr. Finlayson made a decision to resign from his new post of a Primary Teacher and to join the English Nursery and Primary School in Moscow. We wish him every success in his new position!
  2. Mr. Ross Hunter, our longtime Development Director will serve as Headmaster for the rest of the school year. Mr. Hunter’s great energy, in-depth expertise, broad experience and constant support benefit the school’s thrive and students’ academic success. In just two weeks of his new role we enjoyed a considerable change for the better in students’ punctuality, communication with parents and teachers’ teamwork.

The International School of Science and Technology as a quality international school, always strictly monitors its staff performance to enforce that only high-caliber professional teachers and administrators can work here. The International School of Science and Technology views its teaching staff as the major resource to deliver the world-class school education to its students.