• If you're looking for a school that puts focus on academics, life experience and relationships then the international English School of Sciences in Moscow Lefortovo is a great school. The academic standards are very high and my 2 children have raised their science skills enormously in just half a year. We are thankful for the knowledge they are learning. The teachers are open and willing to help, they want to see the pupils make efforts and succeed. In the end, the sense of community is amazing and we could not be happier at ESS.
    Karoline Wasserman.
  • We believe that ESS is a great school and so grateful for the 1 1/2 years we were there. Our girl especially thrived in the nurturing environment. The teachers go above and beyond - special shout out to Mrs. Sophia, and of course, Mr. Hunter, Headmaster, who is a Legend! It is a beautiful school in a stunning setting, where you will get a warm welcome - especially important and appreciated by Expats.
    The Parent Community is fun, vibrant and inclusive, and I highly recommend getting involved in the countless opportunities, which will give back tenfolds of any effort going in. We miss it and wish all our friends there the very best.
    Marsha Rankowska and Eva M.
  • There is no perfect school, and if you aren't prepared for a strict academic environment then this might not be the best fit for your child. ESS provides a deep and structured approach to education and requires good discipline and punctuality from the pupils. They are very demanding and expectations are high. The school utilizes a more University-like approach when homework is given a week ahead and secondary students are expected to decide when they are doing it and to approach teachers when they need additional support. For some children who joined the ESS from other international schools this may be difficult. Objectively speaking, the English School of Sciences in Moscow trains its pupils with the skills they will need for success in their University and career. My son says now that he loves ESS though he was struggling at the beginning. He feels the school gives him the skills he will need to navigate the University environment and he is happy to be part of this school.
    Kerry L.
  • ESS is challenging, with a heavier homework load than my children had in their previous school. On the other hand, it seemed difficult for the first 2-3 months, and then they noticed that they became successful in many areas and were very proud of this.  The teaching environment is very supportive and encouraging. Our daughter’s wonderful Form teacher and the school’s Deputy Head Mrs. Tatiana readily provided extra assistance and arranged individual consultations with the specialist teachers when my daughter needed it and she managed to cover the gaps very quickly. It is a good school, and the Maths and Sciences programmes are by far deeper and more innovative than in the other Moscow schools.
    Irina H. the mother of Nastia and Mark
  • I can highly recommend the English School of Science and Technology in Lefortovo. The teachers are great, they are inspiring, encouraging, mindful, experienced and enjoyable according to my children. New leadership at the ESS, under the Headmaster, Ross Hunter, has brought engagement, inspiration, progress, huge achievements and positive change. It was a bit boring and careless under Mr. Finlayson. Now the future looks bright. A lot of progress - well done, ESS! Highly recommend for your children in Moscow.
    Dimitry, the father of Anna and Alex
  • ESS – WE LOVE YOU! We love our performances and after-school clubs and working at the Student Council. ESS is the best!
    Year 10 Students
  • If you relocate to Moscow with the school children, don’t look any further than ESS in Lefortovo:
    1) Serious academic programme, good equipment, professional teachers;
    2) Small classes and the teachers can work literally individually with each pupil;
    3) It is conveniently located – if you live in the centre of Moscow, your child won’t get tired in Moscow traffic jams;
    4) It is reasonably priced – you get high quality at the price 20-30% less than other international schools charge.
    More reasons? Visit them!
    Michael Andronas, former parent
  • Our son has joined ESS this year. He loves it here and we as parents are also very satisfied with the school. The teachers are very supportive and friendly. I like that ESS employs also some Russian teachers, for example, secondary Maths teacher Mr. Kyrill and one of the Science Teachers Mr.Ilya. Both of them are absolutely bilingual, and the Russian Science and Maths school is definitely very strong and this enriches the curriculum and makes the students thrive. As Headmaster Hunter says, they blend Russian enormous quantitative approach with the modern Western methodology of teaching. It really works. I see how my son is quickly progressing during this year. I think it is very correct to use the best of what the local country can offer.
    Maria and Oswald Moorse